According to the news and reports, one of Vine’s founders, Dom Hofmann, is developing an NFT blockchain video game called Supdrive. Also the creator of Byte and Peach, Hoffman is calling it an on-chain fantasy game console and explained in an announcement post that it will be a video game console that plays classic-style games with NFTs acting as virtual cartridges.

Hoffman revealed that the games will be NFTs running on virtual firmware in a discord set up for Supdrive, denoting that there will be many copies available. …

NftyPlay is delighted to announce the launch of its MVP V2 on The NftyPlay MVP launch met with an overwhelming and positive response from the community. The first version of the MVP was live with 13,000+ active users and content creators, supporting our app and vision to become the top Social and Gaming NFT Marketplace.

Only last month, NftyPlay rebranded itself from PolkaPlay while transitioning from a simple NFT Marketplace to a holistic platform for NFTs and Gaming. NftyPlay users can now create images, short videos, and NFTs seamlessly while earning rewards from Play-to-Earn Games. …

With great pleasure and enthusiasm, we’d like to share a vivid picture of an amazing AMA session held in two rounds with one of our valuable partners, Roseon Finance. This interactive session gave NftyPlay and Roseon a golden opportunity to expand our community by interacting and answering the queries of each other’s community.

The first round of this AMA session was held in Roseon Finance Telegram Discussion channel where our CEO, Sugnesh Patel, and CMO, Dzianis Kaplun represented NftyPlay and answered all the questions. …

At the outset, we are pleased to inform our community and supporters that we recently rebranded from PolkaPlay to NftyPlay to keep our brand identity aligned with our vision and objectives of becoming the ultimate Multi-chain Social NFT & gaming platform.

With that being said, NftyPlay is back with yet another monthly recap to give our community a glimpse of what transpired in the month of August.

NftyPlay’s $POLO IDO on Moonstarter got completely SOLD OUT thanks to our incredible supporters! We also launched our $POLO IDO on Red Kite.

Currently, $POLO is listed on PancakeSwap, MEXC Global, Coingecko, CoinMarketCap

NftyPlay came a long way in the last two months, from launching our native token $POLO on the BSC Network to rebranding. These months, we built a strong community of blockchain enthusiasts and content creators with unwavering support from our members and users.

The NftyPlay MVP is live with 13,000+ active users and content creators supporting our app and vision to become the top social NFT Marketplace. While we transitioned from PolkaPlay to NftyPlay, we also expanded from a simple NFT marketplace to a holistic platform for NFTs and Gaming. …

NftyPlay is pleased to introduce our brand new LP Staking Program in collaboration with Roseon Finance that recently listed POLO and POLO-BNB LP tokens on its official app. The program comes with a double dose of excitement for you with its Dual Rewards in $POLO and $ROSN.

Participation is open to anyone and everyone. You can join the program by staking POLO-BNB LP tokens on the Roseon Finance app to earn $POLO and $ROSN. Scroll down to get more details

  • Deposit: POLO-BNB LP
  • Earn: $ROSN and $POLO
  • Term: 60 days
  • Total Rewards: 1,000,000 $POLO and 20,000 $ROSN

Additionally, Roseon Finance…

NftyPlay is forming a strategic partnership with Kingdom Game 4.0 and to say we are excited, is an understatement.

Kingdom Game 4.0 is a Decentralized Gaming Services Ecosystem bringing a brand new solution to Blockchain Gamers. One of the pioneers in the blockchain game market, Kingdom Game 4.0 brings a game-changer to the gaming industry by transforming gaming from a mere pastime to high-paying side hustle, or even a full-time job.

Partnership Vision
Through the partnership, both NftyPlay and Kingdom Game 4.0 community will be able to reap multiple benefits, including:

Experiencing the KDG’s ecosystem: NftyPlay’s users will be granted…

As PolkaPlay continues to strive relentlessly towards realizing our vision of being the ultimate Multi-chain Social NFT & gaming platform, we are rebranding from PolkaPlay to NftyPlay.

Our team does realize the significance of rebranding to reposition better in any given market. That is why, we have decided to adopt the new name NftyPlay to ensure our initiatives, including our brand identity, are always truly representative of what we wish to achieve and how we want to be viewed by communities and users worldwide.

Following this update, we have launched our Token $POLO on the BSC network on Aug 6th…

The PolkaPlay team is stoked to announce our latest strategic partnership with Roseon Finance, a Mobile Multi-chain Yield Aggregator that brings DeFi to your pocket, intending to simplify your crypto experience.

Both PolkaPlay, a social NFT platform for users to create images, short videos, and NFTs seamlessly while earning rewards through Play-to-Earn games, and Roseon Finance will be unitedly working towards collaboratively pushing our mission of taking the NFT Marketplace to new heights.

Partnership vision:

Through this partnership, Roseon Finance will be launching a $ROSN Farming Pool allowing users to stake $ROSN and earn $POLO; and POLO/BNB LP Dual Rewards…

PolkaPlay is pleased to announce its brand new partnership with TribeOne, the world’s first AI-powered DeFi platform backed with RAROC (Risk-Adjusted Returns On Crypto) technology.

TribeOne is one of the few rare platforms that offer the best and most seamless experience while lending, borrowing, saving, etc. The platform provides innovative consumer-centric products that enable users to benefit excellently and holds the potential to break barriers in the traditional financial ecosystem and revolutionize the DeFi sphere as a whole.

PolkaPlay-TribeOne Partnership Vision:

As per this partnership, TribeOne users can now access PolkaPlay’s marketplace to seamlessly provide loan options to buy and…


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