NftyPlay Partnerships: United We Stand

2 min readJan 24, 2023

NftyPlay has always been a community-focused and user-oriented project. As 2023 sets in and the crypto market picks up some steam, a new wave of Web3 users are attracted to NFTs and we are here to absorb such like-minded users.

The future of NFTs and Web3 depends on mass adoption and bear market cycles are necessary but still only temporary. To this effect, we are gearing up for several partnerships and collaborations with quality projects and companies that share our ideals and values: united we stand. The NftyPlay team is laser-focused on developing the tools you want and partnering with the projects you are interested in, which will bring value across the board.

As a social NFT platform providing features including a marketplace, NFT aggregator, launchpad, and event calendar, we have much to offer newcomers to the space, as well as, projects with existing communities looking to re-launch as the NFT market revives.

Not only are we partnering and collabing with top-tier projects like Orion, we also offer a variety of services to projects in the crypto and blockchain industry to help with project development, project launch, community building, and market making. When Web3 companies succeed, we all succeed, and the future of the industry depends on such successes which we share together.

One of our recent partnerships with Umi’s Friends is worth noting in specific. We’ve joined forces with Umi’s Friends, an addictive tile-matching Web3 game, because quality projects must stand together in the Web3 world.

As you visit our website and app, you may also be interested in theirs. The Umi’s Friends demo is available to play right now at and the game is incredibly fun. Most importantly, their NFT integration will amplify the entertainment value of their game and we look forward to hosting their Umi NFTs in our marketplace:

In the coming weeks and months, our community has much to look forward to. Between feature development, app updates, and collabs, 2023 is looking to be a promising and successful year for our ecosystem and crypto at large. Join us and see how NftyPlay is positioning itself as a leader in the NFT space.