🎵Nftyplay Sponsors Cohort Based Course “The Future + web3” with Headstart Network Foundation🎵

1 min readSep 13, 2022


📜The Future + web3 : A FUN, jargon-free intro to web3

Headstart Network Foundation is perhaps the most iconic volunteer-run, not-for-profit organisation in India for startups. They have been helping every stakeholder in the startup ecosystem for 15 years in India, and currently work with the Indian central and state Govts, the Finland govt, corporates such as Microsoft, DBS, AWS and more.

This is their first ever course on web3, with NFT3 CMO Shashwat Eternal hosting.

Join Nftyplay and Headstart for a FUN, educational session:

Episode 2: 🤩Entertainment + web3 | LIVE Sep 15 at 9.30 AM EST⏰

👉Register Here: https://bit.ly/Web3-NFT3

🐤Like and RT: https://twitter.com/Headstarters/status/1569727918070448129

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