NftyPlay Mainnet Launch

2 min readJun 6, 2022

From OpenSea to LooksRare, the NFT marketplace is growing in popularity every day. As more and more users are onboarded into the NFT space though, there is high demand for a social platform like ours that integrates the conveniences of Web2 with Web3 and allows users to create content, engage with others, and seamlessly earn rewards. Therefore, NftyPlay is proud to announce its mainnet launch for our “Content to NFTs” feature.

Why Use NftyPlay?

Uploading content to our platform is simple and can be performed by even the most novice of users. Users can create, mint, tokenize, and share their talent with the world in only a few clicks. NftyPlay is a unique platform where users can create images, short videos, and NFTs seamlessly while earning rewards. We are a NFT marketplace for creators and users offering advanced features like NFT aggregator, Drops calendar, Rarity rankings, launchpad, Rewards Hub, POLO staking and more for an amazing user experience. Our platform was designed with users in mind so you can create amazing content and share it easily across other platforms.

Content to NFTs Mainnet Launch

With our mainnet launch on polygon, you can quickly drag-and-drop your content and convert it to NFTs to sell to your followers or larger audiences by getting featured on our collection drops. You can also collect or buy your favorite NFTs seamlessly in an easy-to-use platform designed with you in mind! We make it effortless to list an NFT for sale, buy an NFT, cancel a listing, and set royalties for a collection. Currently, only jpeg, png, gif, mp4, mov, avi are accepted for post and the max file size for videos is 100mb and for images is 20mb. As we continue to build, we will expand our capacity and our offerings to deliver the tools our community wants and needs to make NftyPlay the premiere NFT platform for all of Web3.

About NftyPlay

NftyPlay provides Social Platform providing all NFT, Crypto, & Payment features you need in one app. Learn more about us:



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