NftyPlay Marketplace Updates

2 min readSep 8, 2022


As you may have heard by now, our marketplace is now live. It’s important to us at NftyPlay that we deliver our users the greatest user experience. Through our platform users have the ability to make real money from converting their personal content into NFTs by selling those NFTs on our marketplace. The newest update to our marketplace allows the user selling the NFT to set royalties on each NFT collection they list on our marketplace. In this way, you, the user, have full control over the pricing of the NFT and this royalty can be adjusted at any time on our website.

How to set royalties on our website

Royalties on NftyPlay are set and dispersed on-chain using the EIP-2189 standard.

  • Go to the collection for which you wish to set royalty. Click on the “Edit Collection” button.
  • Go the “Change Royalty” section at the bottom. Enter the royalty percentage and payout address at which you wish the receive the royalty fees. Click on “Update royalty”.
  • Sign the message prompted in your wallet.
  • Once the transaction succeeds and is confirmed, the royalty details will be updated.


The recent trend on crypto Twitter discussing a potential drop in creator fees to zero has brought this issue to the forefront of the NFT space. Whether you believe creators have a right to a 10% royalty or none at all, the ability to adjust that number easily and seamlessly is an incredible advantage of NftyPlay. When you are ready to make the switch to a better marketplace, we will be here for you and your project.

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