NftyPlay Meme Contest

2 min readMar 16, 2023

Nothing says we appreciate you — our community — more than a giveaway! That’s why NftyPlay is partnering with YouMeme to let you create the best and most original NftyPlay-related memes. Three winners will share $200 worth of $POLO tokens: first prize wins $125 $POLO, second prize wins $50 $POLO, and third prize wins $25 $POLO.

How to Win:

Entering the giveaway is easy and requires only four simple steps.

1) Create a funny meme about NftyPlay on YouMeme

2) Join our active Telegram group:

3) Follow us on Twitter:

4) Share your meme(s) on

Joining is easy, and every community member is allowed unlimited entries, so let your creativity flow and make as many memes as you want!

Community engagement and building during these times are critical and necessary regardless of market conditions. Ups and downs are a natural part of any market, including the NFT and crypto markets as a whole. NftyPlay is committed to developing a feature-rich NFT social platform, and we will continue to share our progress with our community.

About YouMeme:

YouMeme is the world’s first Meme-to-Earn Social Network where users can select a meme template, add text and images, and save their memes. Recently, YouMeme has become increasingly popular as a social meme platform that hosts meme competitions and engages users who appreciate the comedic side of the web.

About NftyPlay:
NftyPlay offers a Social Platform providing all NFT, Crypto, & Payment features you need in one app. Learn more about us:



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