NftyPlay’s Premier Drops Calendar is Now LIVE!

2 min readJun 20, 2022

Like most things in crypto, there are a number of drops calendars but they are all imperfect. Some charge astronomical amounts of money to list your project, others have customer service response times in the weeks range (if they ever get back to you), and still others will offer fake engagement on a botted account. NftyPlay is a social platform that aims to change that and more. Not only will we provide a full-feature NFT platform where you can trade, list, and check rarities but we are also launching a premier drops calendar that solves the pain points of many other calendars and aims to become the gold (or perhaps, diamond) standard of NFT drops calendars.

With NftyPlay’s drops calendar, users can seamlessly and quickly list upcoming NFTs and token drops with a few clicks. Real users, genuine engagement, option to pay in $POLO or $ETH, and prompt listings within 3 days including 1 day of feature.

Select a calendar range to narrow down your search

See what’s minting today or next week with the click of one button

NftyPlay’s Drops calendar is now live and projects and users alike will benefit from the ease of use and versatility of our platform. In the future, we will be adding further utilities and integration with our social platform. Our ultimate goal is to become the standard for all drops calendars and NFT platforms, filling the gap where others fall short. Our dev team is dedicated to providing users with the ultimate experience and is working daily to execute on our promise to include all the features you want and need in one app. Where others find complacency and accept the status quo, we see opportunity and a sincere need to elevate the standard for users everywhere.

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