Our Drops Calendar

2 min readOct 16, 2022


NftyPlay’s drop calendar feature is now live! We are happy to invite all projects to list with us. Listing is easy and affordable.

How does it work?

For under $500 we will help you get your upcoming event, IDO, INO, etc. listed and featured to our community.

- Fill out the form by clicking list your event button https://calendar.nftyplay.io/listEvent

- Choose Publishing Options, prioritize by paying on-chain or contact us

- Once listed we can set up a co-marketing date to publish announcements to our community

- May request for a launchpad review.

With the exponential growth in NFTs, projects are realizing the utility of a strong, organic drops calendar. Not only are we effective but, especially for newer projects, we are affordable which is crucial when a project is just getting off the ground and may not have hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding like some more established projects currently in the space. To explore your potential and gain access to our growing, organic community, consider listing with us and seeing the NftyPlay difference for yourself!


Our drops cal is live and we are excited to share your project with our organic community. Click the link above to explore the opportunity to list with us. Make sure you are following us on socials, linked below.

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