The NftyPlay Marketplace: Features and Benefits

2 min readOct 2, 2022


Marketplaces are, to many, a necessary evil. You need somewhere or someplace or some platform to buy or sell your NFT. A trusted intermediary is useful to that end. However, to say that you are fond of a specific marketplace would generally be a stretch by any means of the imagination. Currently available marketplaces charge hefty fees, do not release new, useful features in a timely manner, and generally leave much to be desired. We are changing all of that with NftyPlay’s marketplace.

What’s different with our marketplace?

The first difference between our marketplace and all the others is our vision. We aim to create a seamless platform with the features and utilities you most want and need, before the competition.

You already know how easy it is to create a NFT collection on NftyPlay; what other things can you do with our platform?

Here’s an example of what content creators can do with NftyPlay.

1) Setting collection Royalty: Royalty percentage can be set for collections you create on NftyPlay

2) Listing NFT for sale: Posts which are converted to NFTs can be listed for sale on NftyPlay using wETH

3) Buying NFTs: Users can buy NFTs which are available for sale on NftyPlay

More details on how to accomplish these tasks are available at these links:

1) Setting Royalty:

2) Listing NFTs for sale:

3) Buying NFTs:

Anyone who has experienced using other platforms for these tasks can appreciate the seamless, easy manner in which you can do these same changes on NftyPlay. Uncomplicated, minimal clicks, and an easy-to-follow how-to guide make NftyPlay an obvious choice for NFT listings and drops.


Our developers are unique in their passion to upend the NFT marketplace landscape and deliver the features you want as soon as humanly possible. We are proud to be working on a revolutionary marketplace platform. Stay tuned for details and here is some alpha: zero fees through October 2022!

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